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Seven Reasons Why Wetspot Are The Biggest And The Best In Canberra For Water Sports Equipment And Advice.

Reason #1. Wetspot staff love the outdoors, love being out on the water and can’t wait to share their passion and knowledge with you so you can get out there too.

When you visit or call Wetspot you’re guaranteed the satisfaction of having your queries answered and your worries alleviated. Our excellent water loving staff will help you choose the best equipment for your needs, team them with the appropriate accessories and give you some practical advice.

Reason #2. The biggest water sports supplier in the ACT, Wetspot carries an incredible range of water sports equipment and accessories.

Whether you’re after a brand new kayak or surfboard, wetsuit or safety gear, it’s very unlikely you won’t be able to find exactly what you want in store.

With 120 kayaks and over 300 wetsuits, there’s a good chance what you’re looking for is already in stock, if not, we’ll order it in.

Reason #3. Receive quality ongoing service and repairs from Wetspot.

Get your water equipment repaired or maintained by experts. Wetspot aim to support you and your hobby for the long term, so our service doesn’t stop when you walk out the door with your new “toy”. Come back for regular servicing, repair damage or perhaps some accessories to enhance your enjoyment.

It’s so important to keep your watercraft in the best condition. Wetspot make sure you receive expert ongoing care.

Reason #4. Don’t feel pressure to make a quick decision.

If you’re seriously considering a particular kayak, paddleboard or surfboard, you can hire one from Wetspot before you buy and really get a feel for it. You’re making a big investment and you want to get it right. This is an ideal way to enjoy obligation free testing of a new water craft, so you can have confidence in your decision.

If you do end up purchasing, we’ll take a day’s worth of hire off the purchase price.

Reason #5. Get the most out of your new purchase with a training class or workshop.

Wetspot can organise classes for all types of equipment, including kayaks, paddleboards and sailboards. You’ll receive important information on safety, practical tips, storage and transport, as well as excellent instruction on the use of your chosen item.

And you’ll do the class with a bunch of like minded people, introducing you to a new network of watersport loving mates.

Reason #6. In the extremely unlikely event Wetspot don’t have the equipment or item you’re seeking, just speak to our friendly staff and we’ll order it in for you.

If you can’t decide which quality item to choose, ask a member of staff for advice.

If you need ongoing support and knowledge, call our store and speak to an expert, bring your board or kayak back in for repair or a once over.

Reason #7. Our staff are the lifeblood of our operation, trained to give you personalised service so you leave Wetspot fully satisfied with your purchase and ready to get out on the water.

All keen paddlers, surfers and kayakers themselves, their knowledge and passion shines through in every exchange.

They won’t talk down to you, or make a new starter feel inadequate, because their aim is to share their love of water sports.


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