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Kayaks are small craft paddled with a double ended paddle, although this category also includes the Hobie MirageDrive boats with their pedal system.

Kayaks come in a huge range of sizes and styles, from 4 foot long whitewater playboats through to 25 foot double ocean skis and everything in between. Have a look at the categories below to get a feel for the range of products we stock, or come and have a chat to us about what kind of Kayak might suit your needs.

Fishing Kayaks

Be a part of the fishing kayak revolution…

Fishing from a Kayak beats motorised fishing hands down. Here’s why:

and, anecdotally, a greater fishing strike rate than with conventional boats.

Come and peruse the best range of fishing kayaks available in the ACT and when you do, make sure you ask about our next demo session, get out on the water and experience the ease of use and stability of these craft.

Brands we stock include:

Family Kayaks

A fabulous new hobby for families of all shapes and sizes, and our most popular range.

Family kayaks offer ease of use, safety and fun for paddlers of all generations.

With Dad at the back and a couple of kids up front, Mum can kick back for some quiet time. Or buy a couple and make it a family outing. Pack a fishing rod or chase a few small waves, the versatility of these kayaks will keep all paddlers actively entertained.

Stacking single kayaks are popular with water loving couples.

They allow you to transport one on top of the other in safety, saving the need for special roof carrier systems. A sit on style, they’re great to paddle around rivers and estuaries and a heap of fun in the surf.

Designed for stability and ease of use, family kayaks offer maximum fun for minimum input.

Our staff have personally used all our most popular sit ons and are an excellent source of advice on which style would suit your needs best.

Brands we stock include:

Touring/Sea Kayaking

Cover long distances with less effort and drift away from the everyday…

We stock touring kayaks that offer many different specialties, from lightweight cruisers, to load carrying multi-day work horses.

The huge in store range allows you to ‘try them on’ to get the right fit, ensuring your comfort on the water.

We also offer models in hire/demo, allowing you to see how they feel on the water.

Brands we stock include:


These boats make paddling a joy, you won’t even realise you’re exercising!

Kayaking is an ideal workout if you have knee or back injuries, as there is minimal impact on the body. Get your heart rate up and work your core ‘til it hurts, without the impact of land based sports.

Challenge yourself and your friends, consider taking on a big endurance event like the 111km Hawkesbury Classic or the 404km Murray Marathon. They sound daunting but you can do it!

We’re not just here for the boat and paddle, we can help you with technique and training tips to make big progress quickly.

Brands we stock include:


Hurl yourself down rapids, over the odd waterfall or try the tricky freestyle moves. Paddling whitewater can be a great technical challenge with adrenaline as the reward.

Designs vary to give you more control in different water states. Go for a creeker if you want to paddle big water over longer distance, a play boat for the freestylers out there or a river runner to split the two down the middle.

Brands we stock include:


Don’t get stuck up a creek without one!

Matching your paddle to your boat and yourself is something we take seriously because it does make a difference. This is where our staff’s years of experience can really make a difference to your paddling.

We keep brands that are known globally for their quality, efficiency and durability. We can help you with paddles that are tough and economical, right up to the lightest most efficient racing blades you can get.

Paddle upgrades always make a great present for a significant other. As we say in store “Who needs diamonds when you can have carbon fibre”.

Brands we stock include:


Don’t be a hero, be safe instead.

Often overlooked but now compulsory is the humble PFD. If you plan to be out on the water, you have to have one. We strongly advise the use of jackets especially when the water is cooler, you are paddling alone or heading any further off shore (including lakes) than you can comfortably swim, and for most of us this is only about 50 metres.

With a huge range of men’s, women’s and kids styles in many models, we will have the jacket that fits both you and your desired usage. Come in and try a few on to find your favourite.

Brands we stock include:


The right gear makes a huge difference to your comfort and enjoyment.

Our understanding of Canberra’s varied climate and our experience gained over years on the water give us invaluable insight into what gear can make your experiences more comfortable.

We have gear to cope with the 6am – 5˚ winter mornings when your rudder cables freeze inside the boat, right through to 10 hour 40˚+ days on the Murray.

The right clothing can not only improve your comfort, but also play a crucial role in your safety, guarding you from hypothermia or heat stroke.

Brands we stock include:


All the extras to make your time on the water more enjoyable. We have dry bags, pumps, maps, books, DVD's and trolleys. And for the fisherman we have rod holders, anchors, fish finders and heaps more.


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