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Surfboard, Stand Up Paddleboard & Kayak Repair in Canberra

We can probably get you back on the water.

Surfboard and Stand Up repairs:

We are able to repair damaged surfboards, windsurfers and stand up paddleboards. filling and glassing dings caused by rocks, hard surfaces or travel, resetting fins (as long as you still have something to go off) or just repairing those knocks and scrapes that boards get over time.

We aim to do functional repairs, and while they may not be invisible we are confident that in most cases we can get you back on the water for a reasonable cost. Please be aware that repair work does take time, the best option is to arrange to leave the item with us for repair and we will call you once it is finished.

Kayak Repair:

We are able to repair many of the problems you may encounter over the life of your Fibreglass Kayak. From broken fittings to hull damage and patching.
From relatively minor issues such as patching holes drilled in the wrong spots, or fitting accessories, through to major surgeries such as repairing major holes or wear, bring your canoe or Kayak in for a quote.

Please Contact us for details about repairs.


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