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Feel the wind and the rush.

Whether on the lake, down the coast or anywhere around the globe, windsurfing is a huge adrenalin rush.

The improvement in technology over the past few years has made learning to sail unbelievably easy. You can learn in an hour what took a whole summer years ago.

We are the only sailboard shop between Sydney and Melbourne, and have access to all the best brands, catering to all levels from beginners gear for kids and adults, right through to top of the line rigs.

Fast-track your learning with our lessons. Ask for Scotty, our sailboarding specialist with over twenty five years experience.

Brands we stock include:


sailing in 3D

We are Canberra's only kite shop, and while we do not carry kite stock we are able to get you the gear you need: from trainer kites, traction kites and Leading edge inflatables, as well as boards, harnesses and accessories.

If you are looking to take up this exciting sport, please come and talk to us about how to progress safely. If you are already kiting and looking for a new board or kite, harness or just some travel bags or accessories come and talk to us about what will suit your needs.

Brands we can source include:

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