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Our Team

Every Staff Member At Wetspot Is A Water Sport Loving Fanatic Ready To Share Their Wealth Of Knowledge And Experience With You.

Wetspot Water Sports employees are water sports enthusiasts with experience across a wide range of activities. Their team spirit and love of the water drive the success of the business.

Here are a few of the people you’re most likely to meet in the store and out and about at events:

Scott Hunter, the owner and operator of Wetspot Water Sports, has been paddling and wind surfing since he was a child. He grew up spending time on the ocean and inland lakes and finds this lifestyle infinitely preferable to TV and computers. Scotty was one of the first in the country to become involved in stand up paddle surfing and for the last 5 years has been closely involved in kayaking with the Burley Griffin Canoe Club. Scotty is enjoying passing on his love of water to his kids and his knowledge on the subject of water sports is formidable.

Patricia Ashton is a long time member of the Burley Griffin Canoe Club and a devoted attendee at time trials and other flat water racing events (including the 404 km Murray Marathon). Patricia organises most of the club’s day trips and weekend tours and also runs beginners courses for those who want to give kayaking a go but don’t know where to start. Patricia’s patience and approachability is second to none and if you’re a beginner, she’s the staff member to look out for.

Aidan Lewis is fast becoming part of the furniture here, he did leave for a while and has worked for the Australian Naish distributor and has a wealth of knowledge on all things Kite, Windsurf and Sup related, although there are no secrets about where his brand allegiances lie. As a self proclaimed "jack of all trades" he is also getting back into other forms of paddling.

Bob O'Donahoo is Wetspot Watersports kayak fishing guru. Bob loves nothing more than setting up his own Hobie Adventure island kayak to be the perfect fishing platform and has some great ideas for the other Hobie boats as well. If you want first hand kayak fishing advice then Bob is your man.

Tom Rugg is a very keen whitewater paddler, having spent seasons raft guiding in Canada and is on the local rivers whenever water allows. His background in the outdooor industry also makes him a great source of info for any form of touring or adventure activity.

Bede Taylor is our new "Give everything a shot guy". A keen fisherman, handy in a kayak and fast progressing on a SUP, he is keen to share his passion for getting into the water with you.

Duncan Jamieson is a Windsurfing instructor and has spent seasons working in resorts overseas. He has a sailing background and has been around watersports for years. Unfortunately for us he has also just accepted an offer to again coach windsurfing in Europe, so his time with us is limited.

Sam Williams is a young whitewater "up and comer". After purchasing his first whitewater boat last year he has jumped into the sport and is on the river whenever time allows. Also with the gifts of being both young and light he is no slouch on the stand ups either.

The remaining members of the Wetspot team include more white water, flat water and sea kayakers; surfers; wind surfers, fishermen/spearfishermen and water skiers and all they really want is to get you out enjoying the water as much as they do.

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