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2017 Kayak Rolling Clinics and Practice Sessions


This is the perfect opportunity to either learn to safely and effectively roll your kayak, or to practice the skill if you already have a roll.
We have two instructors available for one-on-one clinics. For space reasons these sessions are limited to a maximum of 8 participants per night so pre-book and pay either in store at Wetspot or by phone (02) 6239 1323.










 Mick 7:30 - 8:15pm





Mick  8:15 - 9:00pm





Practice spots

6 available 6 available 6 available 6 available


Individual Lessons: $60.00

Practice sessions: $10.00

Pool entry: $6.00 (payable at the pool)

Gear needed:

Swimming gear: Although the pool is indoors and heated, you will be getting wet for over an hour so something warm is recommended. Either a wetsuit, heater top or waterwear thermal is perfect. 
Goggles: when learning to roll, being able to look at what you are doing underwater will greatly help, if you don't like chlorine in your eyes then a good pair of swimming goggles will help this.
Nose plug: you are going to spend a considerable amount of time underwater, so a noseplug can be a great help. We stock the smileys brand which are good and inexpensive.
Helmet: Please bring your helmet. The pool is shallow and concrete hurts.
PFD: might as well learn the skill in the gear you are going to be wearing on the river. So wear a PFD. We can either hire or sell you a suitable PFD.
Deck: there is no point learning to roll if your boat is going to fill up with water, bring a deck to fit the boat you are rolling in.
Note: Due to the room in the pool we have to restrict these sessions to whitewater or polo boats only in order to fit into the lanes. If you do not have access to such a boat, a limited number can be hired from WETSPOT at $30 per boat per night. Please book and pay for these boats when booking a session.

Lakeside Leisure Centre is located at: Anketell St & Athlon Drive, Greenway ACT 2900

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